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Museum of Tourism arrives in Japan

By Museum of Tourism | 30/06/2020

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We are pleased to report that room number 39 of the Museum of Tourism is now open. We are particularly excited about this opening because it adds to the list a new country in which we are present, Japan. Specifically at the Kumano Kodo Prefecture Centre in Japan.

The room is dedicated to the history of the Camino "Kumano Kodo" and its relationship with the Camino de Santiago in Spain as it passes through the Basque Country. It is located within a permanent exhibition installed in November 2019 at the Kumano Kodo Center of Mie Prefecture in commemoration of the conclusion of the "Memorandum of Union and cooperation through the pilgrimage routes of the World Heritage" agreed between the Japanese Prefecture of Mie and the Basque Country, for the promotion and dissemination of both historical routes.

“The Museum of Tourism” is a non-profit participative initiative that aims to disseminate the history of tourism and thus honor the professionals and companies that have laid the foundations of this sector. This work is carried out through two lines of work:


  • Disseminate the history of tourism online, through a web and social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. On Facebook, this work is done in nine languages, making the content close and available to a potential audience of about four billion people worldwide.


  • Of physical “rooms”, currently thirty-nine, which are located in tourist places such as hotels, travel agencies, museums, tourist offices, etc, in seven different countries. Some 120 people already work at the Museum of Tourism, as well as half a hundred public bodies and companies.

Viajes Eroski has been cooperating for a long time with this non-profit participatory initiative that allows the history of tourism to be disseminated and dignified to the professionals and companies that have laid the foundations of this sector. In fact, room 8 of the Museum of Tourism is located in the Eroski Travel office at the Vallsur Shopping Centre in Valladolid.

More information about the Museum of Tourism: www.elmuseodeltourism.org

Contact: info@themuseumoftourism.org


Contact for the head of the Museum of Tourism in Japan, Hiroko Tsuchiya: japan@themuseumoftourism.org


More information about the Kumano Kodo Center: www.kumanokodocenter.com


Information on the museum’s Facebook page in Japanese about opening “Room 39”: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=269773897791234&id=109576303810995

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