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Camino from Sarria

By Alejandro Gonzalez Flores | 07/04/2020

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Let's start ...


A cafe in Orisson as you climb the mountain.


The route of Napoleon through which it invaded our homeland.


The eternal Roncesvalles where we all have the soul.


The blessing of your monks will take you the first tear.


The lush forests of our beloved Navarra.


With its millenary bridges to save its waters.


That Iruña waiting for you to look.


Ascend Forgiveness and make the downhill hard.


Fall in love with Eunate when feeling her flare.


Crossing the Puente la Reina after millions of footsteps.


The Cirauqui road resisting waves.


The monumental Estella that welcomes you engulfed.


The Monastery of Irache where you don't want to get drunk.


An octagonal church where you least expected it.


To make your walk happy after Logroño, Felisa's soul will accompany you to the entrance.


The cemetery of Navarrete where more than one Pilgrim rests.


Santa Maria la Real de Nájera will leave you freezing.


The vineyards of the Oja River and the Rioja plain.


Rest your Pilgrim body in Santo Domingo de la Calzada.


Find in a Cathedral the chicken that sings after roasting.


Discover in Grañón that there are still shelters with soul.


And find in Tosantos a brother who hugs you.


Pray in San Juan de Ortega by Don Jose María who took great care of us.


Stop at Atapuerca and dream of past lives.


Through Burgos you have to pass late or tomorrow, whether when your wealth will be increased.


Walk along the plateau and feel seas on its esplanade.


Think about what I do here or cry because it's over.


Finally see Hontanas when all you had was hope.


Feel in San Antón that something magical catches you.


Up Mostelares as if a child were treated.


Cross the Canal of Castile and discover Sirga.


Leave Carrion and despair in his long road.


To see in Sahagún his muddar semblance.


And from there to Mansilla, straight tamaña comes with you.


Landing in León tired and thinking about the tremendous feat.


Dip into your stained glass and moist remember them.


Pray in the Virgen del Camino for the continuation of Good Hope.


Grieve on the honourable bridge as if a Quixote were involved.


Share in the House of the Gods with David some wise words.


A good Cocido Maragato gets in between chest and back.


The spirit of Gaucelmo in the ascent accompanies you, from Rabanal to the Cross of Ferro your steps.


To meditate will be the moment in front of the Holy Cross.


Stop at Manjarin Hospital where there are, where Thomas offers you what many others lack.


Bathing in Molinaseca as if from a beach.


Overtake in Ponferrada which Templar incarnates.


Other vineyards accompany you remembering your walk.


And to reach Villafranca where if it is okay, forgiveness awaits you.


A good Jato massage will revitalize your soul.


Meander the Valcarce River with your always high view, like looking for the Cebreiro and looking forward to its arrival.


Go back to Laguna de Castilla after sweating the Faba.


Come to O'Cebreiro blessed, where I don't get the words.


Venerate Don Elias Valiña because without him nothing would have been possible, you will notice how he will make you a yellow arrow in your bowels.


If you got here and the luck is out, the Jacobeina will be in an addictive and unbridled vein.


At the top of San Roque your statue will be impressed.


Until Triacastela a walk, as a companion the Santa Compaña.


By Samos or San Xil any sure road you like.


Whatever your choice, the two will take you in volandas.


"All this and more you will miss if you start your Camino in Sarria."



“One of the great misfortunes of modern life is the lack of surprise and the absence of any kind of adventure. Everything is so well organized! – Theophile Gautier, Wanderings in Spain.


The same thing happens today on the Camino. We want everything done, everything marked, we see on the Internet as it is and what awaits us in the next hostel and in the next stage and we do not give an opportunity to adventure and much less to search.


And it's a pity that one of the greatest adventures, if not the greatest, that a person can perform today is summed up in their last few steps.

And even worse if besides just making the last hundred kilometers, we let them schedule the tour and tell us how long we have to go to service.


As Rózsa Benedek, a great passionate Peregrine, rightly said, "doing just the last hundred kilometers is like taking an entrance from a major museum just to see the last room and the exit door." I can't think of a better description.


My first personal experience along the way was there through the Xacobeo 99, and after I started my journey in Villafranca del Bierzo I quickly realized there was something else behind me. I looked at the faces of other Pilgrims who came from farther than me and their faces reflected a happiness that could not be described with words.


Your goal on the Camino, dear Pilgrim, is not the Compostela, that may be a simple role that will serve you to decorate your wall or accumulate along with other things in a drawer of a comfy. Your goal, because you've decided to do the Camino is precisely that, "to do the way." And they cannot induce you to start your Camino in a predetermined place, let alone limit it in its last hundred kilometers.


My wish with this article is to make you see what is another way further but more comforting, that from Sarria to Compostela is a wonderful, spectacular Road, but that is only the end of the story, the last song of a LP, the outcome and credits of your favorite film. That there in the distance begins a whole adventure that leaves no one indifferent.


If after all this your choice continues to be to do the Camino from Sarria I hope and desire that you have a "Good Way" and enjoy it to the maximum, as well as to consider doing it again this time as far as possible. I sincerely believe that it is worthwhile and much.

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