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Camino de Santiago in video: from Pamplona to the Puente la Reina

By Pablo Guiroy, Camino Santiago | 20/03/2017

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This stage of the French Way from Pamplona to the Puente la Reina Gares borders the Ciudadela and goes up to the top of the Forgiveness, next to the wind mills. In this video we discover the stage of Pamplona to the Puente la Reina Gares del Camino de Santiago and all its best-kept mysteries.

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Camino Francés: from Pamplona to the Puente la Reina

At this stage of the French Way that runs from Pamplona to the Puente la Reina, we bordered La Ciudadela, the former military fortification, and headed towards Cizur and the Upper Remission. In the climb we know Zariquiegui and his 13th-century Romanesque church in San Andrés. Already at the top of Forgiveness, and along with the wind mills, we enjoyed the views over the new valley of Valdizarbe.

On the way to Puente la Reina we will pass through Uterga, Muruzábal and Obanos. A highly recommended visit is the hermitage of Eunate, minimally removed from our path, but which is a highly recommended Romanesque temple to which we can head from Muruzábal.

In Puente la Reina, an old walled city, we have the churches of the Crucifix and Santiago, both of the 12th century, and they take us to the 11th century Romanesque bridge. The next day we will depart to Estella for this bridge of seven arches over the Arga River.

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